In light of the recently announced Nova Scotia Reopening Safely Plan, and in keeping with the Phase One guidelines, our Cottage is available for nightly stays to all Nova Scotia residents.

Please note, our Guesthouse is currently closed.

The Cottage is also available to anyone requiring a self isolation/quarantine stay, at a significantly reduced daily rate. If you are interested in an extended stay, please reach out via email or phone.


Updated: June 1, 2021


As shelter-in-place restrictions ease, physical distancing and
enhanced cleaning procedures will remain an essential part of making people comfortable while traveling.

Risk and health are naturally two key considerations for all local businesses.

Layout and Traffic Flow

The Cottage is a self-contained unit that is separate from the Guesthouse. At this time, our Guesthouse is closed to the general public.

Cleaning Guidelines
We have created a unique getaway experience while focusing heavily on hygiene and the health and safety of our guests.

  • Hand Sanitizer is readily available for guests to use:

  • The Cottage is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to guest arrival.  It is not entered again until guest departure.